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YONDER - Social Competition!

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** NO NEED TO BOOK - £2 on the DOOR**

50p of which will be going straight to our chosen charity, Jangala (one of Yonder’s in house creative space users). Jangala creates technologies that enable humanitarian emergency internet access.

Come and give a friendly competition a go!

To be as inclusive as possible we wanted to give everyone the chance to win some prizes. Not just the experienced climbers.

ONE EVENING ONLY let's celebrate the momentous event that is our Competition Wall re-set, any excuse for a good old climbing party!

Open to all levels these events are a great way of adding an extra layer of fun to your session!

Grab a score card, do the best you can do on a full range of grades (V1 and all the way up) and simply hand your score card back to the friendly crew at reception.

At the end of the night we will all gather with food and beer and whip out a random score card Raffle style.

There will also be prizes up for grabs for the top scorers in a traditional Flash competition format.

Some kind sponsors have given us some prizes to sweeten the deal! Thanks Beta Climbing Designs

MUSIC/BEER/FOOD will all be flowing so come and have a grand time with our growing Yonder community!!

We will stop collecting the scorecards at 9. You will be climbing the routes hot off the press so come and get stuck in from 7 o'clock.

Can't wait to see you all here.