Climbing is a great sport for parents and children to enjoy together and at Yonder we are passionate about encouraging children to learn about climbing and all its physical, social and mental health benefits.


When can our little ones climb?

Any age as long as they are accompanied by an Adult with climbing experience.

What if i don’t have climbing experience?

You will need to book on to one of our induction sessions.

Supervisor Induction - £15 A adult only 30 minute course which teaches you how to supervise your child safely at Yonder.

Family Induction - £50 for the 1 hour class. For up to 2 adults and 2 children. For any extra climbers or to book please ring 02037463869.

Kids Club - £10 1 hour session with an instructor on a Saturday Morning. Teaching your children how to move skillfully on the wall and have fun at the same time! Please see schedule to book and for more details.


More about 5-17 years old

You are welcome to bring your little ones in for a Boulder. We just need to be sure of a few things!

If you wish to supervise children from 5-17 years old you will need to be an experienced competent climber (regularly climbing). Our Duty managers will be able to ascertain if they are comfortable with the level of supervisor experience. If you do not have the necessary experience to supervise we advise that you do one of our inductions and climb a few times to get used to our centre and bouldering as a sport.

We also offer Family Inductions that will teach you all there is to know about climbing safely with your little ones. Please see the section below for more detail, speak to our friendly reception team or email to organise this.

We ask that for children between 5-12 you are in arms reach at all times as children can very quickly get themselves into a dangerous position. That might be climbing up high and getting stuck, or running under other climbers and potential getting landed on, not good for anyone!!!

The supervising adult is welcome to climb, however the children must be under control and only one adult or child can be on the wall at once.

Bouldering can be a dangerous sport and for this reason we must be very careful with our Kids Policies. Safety first Kids (and adults of course!)

5-17 year old’s can climb for £7.50




Family Inductions

This is an Introduction class that’s perfect for a family.

What could be better as a family than to learn and progress in a whole new activity.

These fun sessions are our way of ensuring children can safely find their feet in the world of climbing.

We also find that climbing alongside children is a brilliant way for adults finding their way into the sport.

Family Induction Details

-1 hour with one of our dedicated climbing coaches.

-£50 for a family of 4 (2 Parents & 2 Children)

-After this is an extra £10 per Adult or Child

-When the Induction is done you are welcome to climb as a family for as long as you please.

-Family inductions must be specifically organised through our reception team. Come and see us at the centre, or email to book a spot.

-Please allow 20 minuets before your session to get you all signed in and ready to go.

Kids Squad

From November, we’ll be running a Kid’s Squad on Saturday or Sunday mornings for children who want to improve their skills and climb through the grades by learning from one of our experienced coaches.

We are planning the details of these at the moment so please email in to let us know if you would rather Saturday or Sunday mornings.  

We will release more information as soon as possible but for now the squad will be available to any children aged 6 - 15 years.



All under 18s must be accompanied by an experienced adult whilst climbing at Yonder.


Experienced teenage climbers (between 14 - 18yrs) can apply to climb unsupervised but must first pass an individual assessment by a member of staff.


If deemed to be experienced enough by our Duty Manager in the building Each adult can Supervise 2 children aged 5 and above.


Kid’s membership packages can be purchased in person from reception where appropriate.

As mentioned above we are currenlty making changes as fast as we can to be able to provide FAMILY INDUCTIONS but a the moment we will have to ask you to be patient.

We have a whole BEGINNERS CIRCUIT being sent our way. We can’t wait to get this set up and welcome the children with wide arms!


Contact us here for more information…


Under 4

-Family induction for supervising adults required

-1-to-1 supervision ratio

-Not old enough for Kids Squad yet! 



5-15 years

1 Experienced climbing Parent to 2 children (1:2)

Supervision ratio

-Eligible for Kids Squad




16-18 years

1 Experienced climbing Parent to 2 children (1:2)

supervision ratio


*Unsupervised climbing for teenagers is possible once an individual assessment is completed.