Climbing is a great sport for parents and children to enjoy together and at Yonder we are passionate about encouraging children to learn about climbing and all its physical, social and mental health benefits.


What age can our little ones climb?

Any age as long as they are accompanied by an Adult with climbing experience.

What if i don’t have climbing experience?

You will need to book on to one of our induction sessions or book your child on to one of our kids sessions.

Family Induction (ages 3+)

- £30 for the 30 min class for 1 adult and 1 child

- £50 for the 1 hour class for up to 2 adults and 2 children. For any extra climbers or to book please ring 02037463869.

Kids Club (+6years)

- £10 1 hour session with an instructor who will teach your child how to move skillfully on the wall and have fun at the same time! Please see schedule to book and for more details.

Coming soon…

Yonder Kids Squad



Every adult wanting to supervise a child climbing at yonder will have to have climbing experience or done an induction, and will also need to complete a supervision form for each child on the first visit.

Children 0 - 4 years must be supervised on a 1 Adult to 1 Child basis in all areas of Yonder.

Children 5 - 17 years can be supervised on a 1 Adult to 2 Children basis.





Some children aged 14-17 who demonstrate sufficient maturity and competence in performing the basic functions essential for safe bouldering are allowed to climb unsupervised at Yonder.

Please contact reception for more details either by phone or email.



School Groups - We offer one off or regular climbing sessions for schools/organisations during the term time, for ages 6 and up.

Private Coaching - For keen young climbers wanting to improve the technique and confidence on the wall.

Please contact reception for more details.


0-14 years

Single Entry


*free with adult membership





14 - 17 Years

Single Entry



Kids memberships not available online

please contact reception for more info