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Yonder welcomes the launch of InterDependence, a new non profit organisation formed to help us understand and act on the climate crisis that humans face today.


----August 23rd 1966 was the day the first photo of the earth was taken from the moon. It's the day we saw (in grainy black and white) the fragility and beauty of the small, blue dot we call home----

The interDependence Community is celebrating this moment with a series of events around the world to raise awareness and funds for the interDependence blueprint: a plan to rapidly scale up climate and community resilience in the face of a climate emergency that threatens us all.

Join us at the fantastic climbing/yoga/arts space, Yonder, for a day festival of co-created responses:

*solutions workshops
*panel discussion & open space
*live music
*delicious food


EVENTBRITE LINK: https://idfest.eventbrite.co.uk

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/662688027546718/

*if you’d like to attend this event but can’t afford a ticket, please drop an email to Julian.vicary@interdependence.agency


What’s On

We want to be a hub for the local community.

Somewhere to think, talk, have fun.

Maybe even make the world a better place.

Yeah, it’s a bit hippy. But you know what, we’re fine with that.

Click an event that gets you going to see the details.

Comps, courses, parties and events.

And get in touch if you’d like to chat to us about hosting your own event.