What is Bouldering?

Bouldering in essence is the simplest and purest form of climbing. Just you, your climbing shoes and some chalk. No need for a harness or rope! Thankfully you’re never that far from the ground which is covered with thick foam matting. Without the harness and rope it also means it’s a much cheaper way to start climbing.


Can my Kids come in and climb?

All climbers under the age of 18 must be supervised. Bouldering can be a dangerous sport and for this reason we must be very careful with our Kids Policies. Safety first Kids (and adults of course!)

0-5 years

Currently not allowed. -This will however be changing soon. We are about to introduce a child friendly beginners circuit so we can accommodate younger children. Please bare with us until we get this in place.

5-17 years

Can climb under adult supervision with a maximum of 2 children to 1 adult. The adult must be a competent climber or have completed one of our family inductions.

Kids Climbing Club

The kids climbing club is a super sociable and fun way of teaching children all the foundations of climbing. It will allow their skills to develop as they grow through the years whilst making some awesome friends for life.


When does Kids Club / Squad Start?

From November we will be running the kids club and squad allowing the little ones to climb together, progress through the years and have lots of fun with their friends!


Family Inductions

This is an Introduction class that’s perfect for a family. These fun sessions are our way of ensuring you are at your most comfortable when supervising your kids. It includes teaching them and yourselves the foundations so your children can safely find their feet in the world of climbing.

From £50 / family


I’ve never climbed before but want to have a go. What do I need to do?

We are super excited to get all new people into climbing! You are welcome to come and simply give it a try yourself, however, we strongly recommend an 'Introduction' class to teach you how to Boulder Safely and get you started off on the right foot.


Will there be a selection of coaching and classes to book?

Yes, we are in the process of developing our classes, courses and drop in sessions. We plan to cover everything from Beginner all the way through to expert coaching. We will start to advertise these on the website in November.


Will you be running climbing competitions here?

Yes, Blokfest is our first large event on 12.01.19. We will be running regular small, medium and large competitions to keep our community lively! We will be sure to let you know when they are coming up.


Will you be running other events? Gigs, parties etc?

This is a major part of Yonder, we are a community based space and will take every opportunity to get everyone together for a good time! Check out when our upcoming events are on our schedule link.


Am I allowed to Climb at Yonder when Pregnant?

We do allow pregnant customers to climb however we must maintain that it is NOT recommended, particularly in the First Trimester (12 weeks). If the customer is aware of the risks and still happy to participate we are more than happy for you to Boulder, however, the customer must take full responsibility for the decision.




If I’m pregnant what classes can I do?

Look out for our weekly Specific Pregnancy classes currently on Saturday mornings

We recommend all pregnant Yogi's attend some pregnancy classes to learn general pregnant yoga adaptations before joining regular classes.


Does Yonder do morning Yoga classes?

We will be aiming for early morning classes early next year. We will let you know as soon as possible. Thoughts on this matter are appreciated, the more people that ask the more likely they are come come quickly.


Will there be more classes to choose from?

As time goes on we will be varying our yoga classes to try and suit everyone’s needs and time schedules. Classes opening out to morning sessions is in the process. Stay in the loop by checking out our website and social media.




Is my dog allowed into Yonder?

Yes, we love a nice friendly dog! Rules are, animals must stay off the climbing matting. They are free to wander around the reception area, cafe area and the side of the mezzanine. We also ask that you fully supervise your dog at all times.